My Experience in Beauty and the ESSERE Project

In the past four years, I have had the honor of serving as the General Manager of a cosmetic company. Beauty has always been central to my life, with a particular focus on skincare, hair care, and an undying passion for makeup. Initially, it was a personal interest, but over time it became a professional necessity, especially during my career in the entertainment industry, where appearance is paramount. However, I have always sought products and treatments that did not compromise my health.

My background in graphic design and my experience in managing the image of a publishing house taught me the importance of aesthetics in communicating the intrinsic value of a product. The cover of a book, for example, must convey the quality of its content to those who haven’t read it yet. This concept perfectly applies to cosmetics and personal image management.

Throughout my journey in the cosmetic industry, I have had the opportunity to interact with many people and, with my makeup artist, I have noticed the widespread tendency to hide features that do not align with media-imposed beauty ideals. This drove me to give voice to the inner self, allowing it to express itself through outward appearance.

In the ESSERE project by Fabiano&Castaldo, my experience translates into a desire to help people discover and enhance their uniqueness. The originality that stems from authentic self-expression is what truly captures the public’s attention. Although people are initially drawn to what is familiar, they ultimately seek something unique and genuine.

Being oneself is fundamental not only to feeling important but also to standing out in a world saturated with imitations. Only when our authentic self emerges can we truly feel our own value. Being a copy will never give us that feeling.

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