Embracing Uniqueness in the World of Beauty

In recent years, my career has undergone a transformation that might surprise many of you. After a long experience as a manager in finance, publishing, and real estate, today I lead Fabiano&Castaldo, a company in the beauty and cosmetics industry. I understand that this transition might seem unusual, especially considering my professional background and the image you have of me. However, it is precisely this change that I want to explore with you.

The world of beauty has historically been bound to uniform, often unrealistic, models that limit our ability to express and enhance our unique qualities. Dependence on image is an omnipresent phenomenon, affecting not only our personal lives but also our professional ones. For example, think about a board meeting of a major bank: how would we react if the CEO showed up in a tracksuit or ripped jeans? It is natural to expect a certain decorum from those making important decisions, as the exterior appearance is often perceived as a reflection of decision-making ability and reliability.

However, it is equally important to allow individuals to express their true selves. An image that does not reflect our essence forces us to wear a mask that can become limiting. In my career, I have learned that companies reflecting the personality and uniqueness of their leaders may initially encounter difficulties, but ultimately surpass those conforming to pre-established standards. This principle is the foundation of the ESSERE project, the method I developed with Maria Castaldo.

In the cosmetics industry, I often see people trying to hide their unique qualities, considered flaws only because they do not match society’s unrealistic beauty standards. Our mission at Fabiano&Castaldo is to highlight these unique characteristics, promoting a vision of beauty that values individuality and authenticity.

I invite you to reflect on how image is not just a matter of exterior appearance, but an expression of who we are and what we represent. In a work environment that often imposes us to play a part, it is crucial not to accept hiding ourselves. True strength lies in the ability to act authentically and trust in our means, especially in extraordinary circumstances.

Thank you for your time and for considering this new perspective. I hope our journey in the world of beauty can inspire you to discover and enhance your uniqueness.

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