We distribuite Excellence

We are a company operating in the cosmetics and wellness sector. Our name, Fabiano&Castaldo, represents not only the founders Maria Castaldo and Giovanni Fabiano, but also the continuity of our extensive experience in the industry. Fabiano&Castaldo stands out for the exclusive distribution of high-active natural products. Each phase of the selection and evaluation process is rigorous, with particular attention to quality, origin, transport and preservation of raw materials, processing methods, and production areas


Fabiano&Castaldo is committed to distributing natural excellence in the cosmetics, makeup, and perfumery sectors. Our mission is to promote a new awareness of self-appreciation by valuing the uniqueness of each individual. We believe that authentic beauty lies in the exclusivity of being and we strive to offer products and services that reflect this philosophy


We aim to become a reference point in the cosmetics and wellness sector, combining our experience and vision to create innovative and excellent solutions. With Maria Castaldo as the creative mind and Giovanni Fabiano as the CEO with a strategic vision, we aim to build significant partnerships and support the growth and success of our clients

We distribute high-quality products in the cosmetics and perfumery sector, offer consultancy for opening new markets, commercial management, support for communication activities, and publish books and catalogs in the Beauty sector

We manage multiple projects:

  • Fabiano&Castaldo Beauty selects and distributes high-quality, natural products
  • KINGQUEEN.WORLD manages projects related to cosmetics, perfumery, and makeup
  • ESSERE promotes a new ideal of beauty based on the enhancement of the individual and their characteristics, where beauty products serve the person
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