True Beauty: Celebrating Uniqueness in the Age of Stereotypes

Over time, the habit of living with the fear of expressing and showing oneself freely has spread, influenced by competition with misleading images proposed by often unrealistic beauty models and stereotypes. In our society, it is normal to admire extremely thin figures on fashion show catwalks, slender bodies in advertisements, and on social media. This trend is probably one of the main causes of many cases of discomfort and eating disorders, which mostly affect the young.

The question that naturally arises every time I reflect on this situation is whether it is really worth downplaying the importance of a healthy relationship with food, risking one’s health to pursue fleeting fame achieved through the ability to wear the tight sizes of fashionable clothes.

My reflections on the interpretation of the concept of beauty expanded during my experience in the entertainment world. I was surprised to see how even here, as in every corner of our society, the unhealthy habit of cloning the appearance and habits of successful individuals to attract attention has taken root. It is not a simple imitation but the continuous annihilation of one’s identity.

Even the use of cosmetics and make-up is increasingly aimed at finding methods and products that hide one’s uniqueness, evaluated as flaws simply because they do not embody the characteristics of figures elevated to reference points by social media or the media. In light of all this, it seemed logical to act to promote a new philosophy of beauty that values the authenticity and unique identity of each of us.

I started by taking examples from my personal and professional experiences with many individuals from various social backgrounds. I continued by interviewing as many people as possible, and the trend in my sample demonstrated the presence of many taboos regarding beauty. Admitting to feeling beautiful is the greatest hesitation. In everyone, even at different levels, I found the fear of being judged as vain. Following this, another very frequent fear is feeling inadequate because one is far from classic aesthetic standards. On the third step of the podium, I found the concern that one’s beauty might be questioned by envious people who would have no problems launching a public attack.

I believe that the most important action to promote is the spread of a new consciousness of beauty. It is essential to remind, especially the younger generations, of the importance of uniqueness and diversity. Pointing out that resembling already appreciated figures can lead to rapid but only temporary fame, while demonstrating one’s originality can attract real lasting appreciation. But, even before all this, it is crucial to emphasize that only by appreciating oneself can one develop a strong self-esteem that strengthens one’s awareness to the point that the interest of others becomes a logical consequence.

Giovanni Fabiano and I do this with the ESSERE project, we are committed to ensuring that everyone can feel comfortable exploring, recognizing, and enhancing their uniqueness.

Discover the pleasure of liking yourself and the taste of BEING.

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