The Pleasure of Liking Yourself


“Feeling beautiful is not a fault, accepting it is not vanity, becoming it is a pleasant achievement.”

We conceived and structured ESSERE based on our life and professional experiences. Through continuous interaction with others, we noticed how many fears and taboos still surround the concept of beauty: from the fear of liking oneself for not being vain to feeling unattractive because one does not embody the beauty standards imposed by society

The ESSERE Project

ESSERE is a personal journey that enhances your peculiarities, making you aware of their importance. It is dedicated to both the external and internal aspects, integrating image, PERSONAL IDENTITY, communication, and personal awareness

This holistic approach is aimed at anyone who wants to know and bring out their true personality

The Revolution of Beauty Standards

In a world dominated by unrealistic standards, rediscover the extraordinariness of your distinctive features

Confidence and Happiness

ESSERE provides you with the tools to recognize and embrace your unique beauty, because those who appreciate themselves are confident, happy, and more attractive to others

The Journey Towards Self-Love

It’s time to embark on a journey towards deeper awareness and authentic beauty. Join ESSERE now and discover how to transform your life. The time to shine is now!

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